10 Exercises To Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor

Exercise is incredibly important for the overall well being of an individual and to lead a healthy lifestyle. People who engage in regular exercise aren’t only fitter, but also less prone to common diseases like the flu and colds. Exercising every part of your body is always essential to strengthen the muscles and other parts of the body, and this is something that is essential for maintaining a good and healthy body. The pelvic region, in particular, is one part of the body that tends to be neglected, even if an individual is working out regularly. The pelvic region denotes the area around the bladder, vagina, and penis and are muscles that need to be strengthened.

If you are looking for ways to strengthen your pelvic muscles, performing a few exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor is the best approach to take. In this guide, we are going to go over the top 10 pelvic floor exercises for women. These pelvic floor muscle exercises are incredibly beneficial and should be performed on a regular basis.

Benefits Of Exercises To Strengthen Pelvic Floor

There are a number of reasons why women, in particular, should be performing pelvic floor dysfunction exercises. For one, these exercises can improve your overall bladder control and bowel functions. This is something that women particularly struggle with after pregnancy. Regularly engaging in these exercises can also help you reduce the risk of prolapse, which is a condition wherein the internal organs start to ‘sag.’ For those who have had any kind of surgery, or who have recently gone through childbirth, these exercises can stimulate the overall healing process. In addition, these exercises are also known for improving the orgasmic potential in women and can enhance the sexual sensation that one experiences.

Performing Pelvic Floor Exercises

If you are wondering how exactly you should be performing these pelvic floor exercises, here are our top ten exercises that can help you achieve this fitness goal:

1. Glute Bridge

Start by laying down on the floor. Make sure that you are wearing something comfortable during this. Place your hands to the side close to your body. Face your palms flat on the floor.

Take a deep breath and raise your hips up. Hold this position for around twenty seconds and hold your breath while doing so. After this, release and slowly let your hips down onto the floor.


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