10 Signs & Symptoms of Colic

Many moms-to-be usually have a checklist of what to expect when they’re expecting, but managing colic is sometimes overlooked in all the planning. It could be because they are not aware of what is colic in babies or believe it will not happen to their infant. However, colic can start as early as the second week of birth. This is according to the American Pregnancy Association. Some new moms may agree that knowing the signs of colic in babies is precious information that helps reduce the frustration when trying to soothe an almost inconsolable baby.

These 10 key facts may help you understand what is colic in babies and when to speak with your pediatrician.

1. Colic commonly occurs in newborn babies

About 40 percent of babies develop colic. Colic, or infantile colic (IC), is described as bouts of inconsolable crying in newborn babies. Although common, first-time moms especially may not know what is colic in babies or how to soothe colic baby. Based on the Wessell Criteria Rule of 3’s, a baby is likely affected by colic if the crying lasts for 3 or more hours a day and for more than 3 weeks. Colicky babies cry and wail for no apparent reason even in their mother’s arms.

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