10 Facts About Hemorrhoids During Pregnancy

One of the downsides of pregnancy that you might not learn about until you are actually pregnant is hemorrhoids. According to the National Library of Medicine(1) over a third of all pregnant women end up dealing with hemorrhoids at some point in their pregnancy, yet this subject is not mentioned in a lot of pregnancy guides. Being informed about hemorrhoids will help you to figure out what to expect during pregnancy. Here are some important facts about hemorrhoids during pregnancy.

25% to 35% of pregnant women are affected by hemorrhoids in pregnancy

1. Hemorrhoids Have Distinct Symptoms

Being able to identify whether or not you are dealing with hemorrhoids in pregnancy will help you to seek out the right pregnancy hemorrhoids treatment before the situation worsens. This medical condition is essentially just swollen veins around or inside of the anus and rectum. The most common symptom of hemorrhoids is feeling a sensation of itching and burning around your anus. When you have a bowel movement, you may feel pain, and you may notice some blood when you wipe.


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