10 Worst Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy

Finding the best foods for pregnancy means understanding which ones to avoid or limit in your diet. Knowing the why is beneficial to you and your growing baby as it empowers you to make healthful decisions throughout your pregnancy.

Folate and iron-rich foods are wonderful additions to your pregnancy diet, but you have to ensure your source is safe too. The same applies to calcium and other vitamins and minerals. Of course, with preparation or moderation, you can transform foods to avoid during pregnancy into safer choices. Here are the top 10 worst foods to avoid during pregnancy:

1. Lunchmeat

Listeria is a major concern with lunchmeat and processed meats, such as hot dogs, smoked meats and fish, and bacon. Compounds used in processing might be unsafe for both you and your baby. The high salt content is a concern because of hypertension and edema.

Now a diet high in processed meats is generally unhealthy, but even healthy eaters occasionally treat themselves. You can too if you make sure to reheat lunchmeat until it’s steaming hot. This ensures you’ve killed harmful bacteria.


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